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Ajustes por inflación Bono de desempeño Capacitaciones / Certificaciones Cerveza Clases de idiomas Comidas pagas / subvencionadas Descuentos varios Equipamiento Apple Horario flexible Otros Pago de internet / celular Playroom Snacks, golosinas, bebidas Stock options Vacaciones flexibles Viajes WFH (trabajar desde casa)


Ambiente 2
Calidad del código 2
Póliticas de crecimiento 2
Infraestructura 2
Beneficios 2
Equipamiento 2
Salario 4

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    Pros Learning from day to day projects and to challenges to get results with limited resources. Co-workers have great value for teamwork, although is was often required by management to spend long nights to deliver something that was not useful in the end, just for show. It is supposed to have HQ in San Francisco, although all production and most of the management operate and are located in Bogotá, Colombia. It's a … fintech show

    Cons Not paying for health and retirement. Not paying what they owe after resigning. Management only cares for what they want without caring workers needs. It is used by management to lower employees will of change just by throwing money to their face or trying to scare them with lawsuits or some other kind of arguments to make them lose their hope. Not clear goals or product guidelines, ask anyone who works there, but in the end, they all will lie because they are scared for the punishment of they tell the truth. Late paychecks is the company culture and saying they have NO money to fulfill payments of what they owe.


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